July 31st 2014

Thank you WIRE mag x

Not Just a Car Park (extract)

Car Heaven - Field Studies MUSARC 2014

Extract interpretation of recordings from Field Studies workshop with Sam Auinger.

Original recordings by Ian, Iain, Mint, Ed, Lizzie, Anne-Marie, Charlotte, Jerry, Edward and myself. 

rosen - FOEHN-in (cassette/digital release)

extractions are samples that can be downloaded from soundcloud and used for free. 

versions can be sent to rrosen.versions [at]

e-permanent publication commission

I’ve been selected to contribute work for e-permanent's (previously the IRL space, Permanent Gallery) upcoming publication. This will document four commissions from the site to date (Constant Dullaart, Silvio Lorusso, Ruth Hoflich and Yuri Pattison) and commissions from five further artists (Martin John Callanan, Myles Painter, Guido Segni , Mark Beasley  and myself). There is a kickstarter campaign running until the end of this month (May 2014) to raise money for production costs and the result will be available online and as a print-on-demand book in the summer. You can support this project here:

More info:

"Our plan is to create a digital and print-on-demand publication documenting four online artworks and presenting five new works created specifically for the publication. The online works that will feature in the publication were commissioned by, a website set up by Permanent Projects to platform artists who are currently testing out the space of the internet for realising and disseminating art works.”